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Jodene Denton, CEO & Managing Director, YepSketchJodene Denton, CEO & Managing Director
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the industry 4.0 declination for the building sector, being closely connected to architecture, to the furniture industry, design, communication, home automation, interaction, urban planning, etc. Although the planning, designing, construction and management of infrastructure can be made easier using building information modeling (BIM), organizations are still not completely aware of the endless possibilities that this digital technology offers. More often than not, construction firms are unable to utilize the complete potential of BIM due to their lack of understanding on what it does, how is it used and the benefits that it offers. At this point, companies that offer training, consultancy on digital tools such as BIM, digital construction and provides effective guidance to architects and professionals could bring a world of difference in the construction landscape. This is precisely what YepSketch Brings to the table.

Founded in 2010 by Jodene Denton, YepSketch is a creative agency, which uses 3D models to provide visualization and marketing services to the clients. The company’s core competencies lie in offering services that support architecture, design and communication projects. YepSketch offers an array of services including BIM consultancy, 3D models, and product configuration, which is mainly targeted towards architects, professionals, such as visual and 3D designers, creative directors and construction companies.

YepSketch has recently launched two spin-offs under its wing: a resource center and operational tool for professionals – YepLibrary, and a design center that offers personalized design solutions – YepStudio. Yepsketch’s subscription-based platform, Yeplibrary, assists brands in gaining site traffic and provides download information on specific pages and products. “On Yeplibrary, we only post and communicate on the products and models approved by the brands that we deal with,” stresses Jodene, the CEO and Managing Director of Yepsketch.
In addition, Yeplibraryfunctions as an easy-to-find tool for designers to obtain 3D and BIM models of existing products.

The Yeplibrary hosts all of Yepsketch’s 3D and BIM content in all the 12 main formats, which are universally compatible with the different software platforms available on the market. “The product designs range from luxury furnishing, interior finishes, kitchen and bathroom products, to building materials and much more,” explains Jodene. “For registered designers, we offer constant updates and assistance on the technical skills to make the best use of our models,” she adds. The creative agency, Yepstudio, deals with representation and communication and offers cost-effective personalised solutions.

All of the 3D content is created in-house with Yepskech’s expert team. Once the manufacturer approves the content created, Yepsketch hosts the catalogues of files on the Yeplibrary. One of the unique features of Yeplibrary is their ability to provide both Revit and ArchiCAD formats with their library comprising over a thousand manufacturer-approved models. The entire content goes through stringent QC and approval procedures both internally and from the manufacturer’s end. Some of the world famous brands whose content is hosted on Yeplibrary include Villeroy & Boch, Kohler, ILVE, Fisher & Paykel and Sub-Zero. “Since we have been in the market for over a decade, we know each industry’s requirement and customize the products to suit the needs of each entity,” remarks Jodene. Another key highlight is the cost effectiveness of the library as users just need to pay an annual fee of $99 for a year’s worth of unlimited downloads.
  • We are expanding our library continuously and currently provide up to 12 different 3D formats, which are highly compatible with different software

Yepsketch prides itself in building strong and long-term client relationships and assists its clients to success 24*7 throughout the week. Jodene recalls the case of the world-renown brand Kohler who had approached Yepsketch to partner with them on their new online design services platform. Yepsketch provided the 3D images of Kohler’s designs, which enabled Kohler customers to envisage their remodeled space and selection of Kohler products while making design changes prior to construction and installation. Through Yepsketch, Kohler was able to develop customizable designs with high-quality products and provide a great experience to its customer. “We do not sell advertising, we provide a technical service that produces 3D models in all major formats without charges for hosting the models on our platform,” says Jodene.

On the innovation front, the Yepsketch team is constantly enhancing its platform with unique and custom-made codes and scripts and intends to develop an innovative bundle for professionals, designers and construction entities. Driving ahead, Yepsketch is set to unlock the potential of AI, ML and VR and plans to encourage sustainability in design through BIM. With a global clientele comprising clients from Australia, New Zealand, the North and South America, and Asia, Yepsketch is en route to expanding its team in the European continent.
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New South Wales, Australia

Jodene Denton, CEO & Managing Director

Yepsketch deals with supporting architecture, design and communication projects by connecting furnishing and design companies with professionals. The company’s BIM consultancy targets architects, professionals, visual and 3D designers, creative directors and construction companies. Yepsketch provides digitalization and free hosting for companies that want to spread their products such as 3D and BIM models digitally. It also acts as an easy to find tool/service for 3D and BIM models for designers. YepSketch recently launched two spin-offs under its wing: a resource center and operational tool for professionals – YepLibrary, and a design center that offers personalized design solutions – YepStudio

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