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Top 10 Building Information Modeling Service Companies in APAC - 2021

To say that building information modeling (BIM) has completely revolutionized the construction industry, bringing a higher level of efficiency to the conventional design process, is an understatement. According to recent industry research, engaging deeply with BIM technology improves the ROI of a project. While computer-aided design can render 2D digital models of products, equipment, and buildings, BIM takes those efforts to the next level and serves as a 3D design tool to “create and simulate how a building would operate.” BIM supports easy interoperability, flexibility and facilitates customization. It saves time and aids the successful execution of any construction project.

While the benefits offered by BIM are immense, it also means that businesses would have to incur additional costs of getting systems and software that support BIM. Other challenges faced by many construction companies include cost and time constraints, lack of skilled professionals who have a holistic understanding of BIM, and the required infrastructure and technology for these services. This is where outsourcing BIM services can make a difference. It offers improved ROI with reduced and controlled operating costs and gives AEC companies the ability to use BIM services only when needed, rather than invest in building an in-house team. Outsourcing BIM and Revit drawings also help enhance the process, quality, and communication needs of a building project. It improves efficiency, accuracy, speed, and reduction and enables better collaboration and communication.

Today’s construction landscape is awash with numerous BIM service providers that support the entire lifecycle of a building project right from the pre-construction concept stage to various construction stages to completion. To assist companies in finding the right technology partner, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of leading building information modeling firms in the APAC region that are changing the status quo of the AEC industry with their innovative services. The enlisted organizations are transforming the construction operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Building Information Modeling Service Companies in APAC – 2021.”

    Top Building Information Modeling Service Companies in APAC

  • Aidea is a global integrated design and technology practice that creates transformative solutions for the building industry. Recognized as a global forerunner and expert on BIM and having pioneered the use of the leading-edge technology in Asia back in 2005, Aidea established Aidea Technologies to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in automation and software development to provide end-to-end and data-driven solutions for its partners worldwide

  • Cottee Parker Architects, an advocate of the OpenBIM approach, combines intellect and creativity to deliver unique design solutions for the built environment. The company also promotes the concept of Inheritance in BIM—most data deliverables on BIM projects can be inherited from design decisions already required for other outputs. The company employs systems that allow the design teams to focus on decision-making processes relative to the communication of design intent while the BIM and Digital Engineering teams structure and curate the data in such a way that multiple data sets can be derived from a single decision made at the start of the supply chain. Further, Cottee Parker Architects applies LEAN construction principles to its BIM and Digital Engineering delivery

  • NCE offers exemplar BIM and 3D modelling services by following a holistic approach; its local engineers and CAD operators comply with the Norwegian standards at a considerably lower cost. The Tekla model sharing system allows users to work on the same project simultaneously in different countries. Besides, the company has provided 3D renderings of several bridge projects in Thailand and 3D animation to visualize an underwater parking house in Oslo

  • As a total solution provider for smart construction, TAESUNG SNI is the largest infrastructure BIM engineering service company in the ROK and Singapore with a focus on global projects. TAESUNG SNI has developed virtual construction system based on the need from the customers' (site engineers) idea and have continued to upgrade and applied to many projects. In addition, the company’s experienced engineers from both design and construction background work on an assigned project from the early stages of the project, constantly have discussions with the client to search for potential problems and solutions

  • Varadise Twin has been recognized by the industry as the best cloud-based 4D BIM platforms for enhancing the efficiency and safety of construction projects. More recently, following frequent requests from various vendors in the industry, the firm integrated CCTV and AI vision into its 4D BIM model to streamline its clients’ work

  • ByBiTech


    ByBiTech is a Professional BIM Solutions company, Launched in the year 2012, at Singapore, with innovative visions in the technocratic arena. We are a leading, next-generation BIM Technology Company with strong business commitments in BIM solutions, BIM Consultation, BIM Implementation and a host of cutting edge technology services

  • Global Heritage Consultancy

    Global Heritage Consultancy

    GLOBAL HERITAGE CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD. (GHC): is a research and consultancy company based in Malaysia that focuses on Islamic Heritage in Art/Architecture, Education and Culture. Our dedicated team of specialists and professionals undertake Life Cycle Cost - Building Information Modelling (LCC-BIM) project and consultancy covering LCC buildings conservation/maintenances; LCC facilities management; and BIM project life cycle management. Depending on the scope of the project; it may include historical assessment impact studies that involve cultural and historical heritage city mapping

  • Insight BIM

    Insight BIM

    Specialises in combining Building Information Modelling and detailing automation, seamless platform integration and Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation for leaders within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Help our clients in Shed Manufacturing, Modular Construction, Building Product Manufacturing and Concrete construction to realise and achieve the full automated potential of their software through custom tools and workflow processes



    LWK + PARTNERS is a leading architecture and design practice rooted in Hong Kong. Our 1,000+ creative minds collaborate across a network of 12 offices around the globe delivering world-class solutions to the built environment. Our wide range of services include architecture, planning & urban design, interiors, landscape, heritage conservation, building information modelling (BIM), brand experience and lighting design

  • Yepsketch


    Yepsketch offers an online library of manufacturer-approved 3D models and BIM content for professionals, including architects, designers, builders, developers, manufacturers, and consumers. Clients can benefit from Yepsketch’s creative representations, 3D models, renderings, animation, virtual reality, product configuration, as well as consultancy on digital tools, including BIM and digital construction. Yepsketch also provides training, information seminars, and meetings with clients to assist in the process of understanding BIM along with tailored solutions and strategies to suit individual needs. Over the years, Yepsketch has introduced other 3D services including lifestyle and product rendering, product configurators and visualisers, and virtual reality and animations

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