PDC: BIM Management and Consultancy

PDC: BIM Management and Consultancy

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Vinod Muthanna, CEO,  PDCVinod Muthanna, CEO
Throughout the world, major building projects are mostly characterized by materials waste, time delays, and cost overruns. The cost of these inefficiencies, more often than not, is borne by building owners during the ongoing operations and maintenance stage of the building lifecycle. BIM aids owners and operators gain efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of a building project— from design and construction stages through to occupancy—forimproved facility management and O&M.

Established in 1972, PDC is a highly experienced global BIM management, modeling, digital engineering, and detailing services company. PDC has led the BIM revolution and in 2012 established PDC BIM, a rapidly growing service offering focused on providing cutting edge BIM and Asset Information Management (AIM) technology and services. PDC has grown to become an internationally recognized, global integrated design, detailing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting company. PDC has a unique approach to integrated project delivery that starts with considering all aspects of a proposed project and planning with these separate aspects in mind.
PDC provides a different perspective to the design process, and this allows to play a stronger part in harnessing the concurrent input from various parties during the end-to-end process to the benefit of the design, the construction, and the maintenance of the solution.

PDC has been utilizing the advanced BIM (Building Information Modelling) capabilities modeling software’s, creating millimeter perfect fabrication models which are data rich with all relevant information required for procurement of material, fabrication, and erection of structural and miscellaneous steelwork. PDC can audit design models through every stage of the project. The audit deliverable is a detailed report which can include screenshots and explanations which are given to the client to highlights errors, inconsistencies, and state of completion as per the scope. PDC has full capability to use point cloud data to produce highly accurate 3D models to suit individual client requirements. PDC uses a range of powerful BIM tools to produce cutting edge, high-resolution 3D animations utilizing detailed 3D models. PDC’s solutions help companies in the energy, resources, and commercial construction to improve design coordination, construction management, increase plant availability and better manage maintenance and inspection of assets. For instance, PDC provided 3D BIM modeling and shop detailing of 1,200 tons of structural steel for the Broadway Tower, a mixed-use commercial building located in Portland, Oregon. The building is 19-story encompassing 430,000 gross square feet of office space, residential, hotel and retail space. PDC provided design-assist support in critical areas such as structural steel column, beams and braces, operable/folding partition wall support frame, north, south and east canopy frame, floor and roof opening frames, beam web penetrations, and slab edge supports. The project contained tight deadlines established early on in the project and the final fabrication packages Issued were to the PDC high level of quality standard and on time.

Through early project engagement, the firm’s objective is to achieve zero rework during construction and improve project efficiencies and productivity through its integrated service model and 3D BIM Management capabilities. PDC, along with its strategic partners, brings decades of experience to hand when providing genuinely integrated design, detailing, and BIM service to its customer base. With an extended experienced drafting team merged with experts and emerging talent across the full spectrum of engineering services, the result is not only increased handover efficiencies but early availability of deliverables to allow more accurate fabrication and construction budgeting and planning.
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Manila, Philippines

Vinod Muthanna, CEO

Since 1972, PDC has grown to become an internationally recognized integrated design, detailing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting company. PDC has delivered projects across various industries including, resources, and entertainment, residential, commercial, and industrial, in over 25 countries worldwide. PDC is about adding, validating, and using the intelligence in models to deliver efficiencies in construction, infrastructure, and asset management. PDC’s solutions help organizations in the energy, resources, and commercial construction to improve design coordination, construction management, increase plant availability, and better manage maintenance and inspection of assets. Their passion for efficiency underpins reduced health, safety, and environmental risk

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