Enravel: Turning the Corner for Builders with an Effective BIM Process

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Trevor Joy, Director , EnravelTrevor Joy, Director
A critical aspect for building information modeling (BIM) in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is the technical know-how. While it is of paramount importance that builders keep upgrading their knowledge base, the trend shows that the stakeholders refrain from doing so, assuming that they already know enough. However, when it comes to utilizing advanced technological innovations such as augmented reality (AR), they need to realize the implications of time and cost for a specific project. This is something that builders often miss out on. As such, carrying out a successful construction project demands a BIM backed not only by the right set of tools but also in-depth knowledge of the technological tools. Understanding this fact, Sydney-based Enravel is turning the corner for builders by helping them establish an effective BIM process, keeping education at its core. Enravel puts a strong emphasis on planning and communication to ensure the best BIM results.

Unlike other companies that focus mainly on 3D forms when working on BIM processes, Enravel concentrates primarily on data. “The ability to input, edit, and extract data has been the game-changer in BIM, and we pride ourselves in our ability to take advantage of data,” says Trevor Joy, director at Enravel.
From providing training to technology implementation support, Enravel has significantly helped clients to keep up with the latest trends. The company has always focused on value creation and delivered services to more than 150 companies, completing over 3000 projects (such as commercial, high rise residential apartments, warehouses, and nursing homes) across Australia. Among the many services that Enravel provides, Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the most sought after by clients in the BIM landscape. For instance, when working on large projects, a combination of CAD and BIM is imperative to achieve the best results. To ensure this, Enravel utilizes Revit commands such as LinkCAD to get the best of both CAD and BIM. “We have systems in place to ensure that our CAD files do not compromise on BIM delivery. While there are many ways to achieve targets, we strongly focus on the most efficient way for all stakeholders,” adds Joy.

Backed by such unique capabilities, Enravel has consistently been striving to help clients attain the most valuable results. When working on a project, the company employs a well-planned approach, supported by effective communication and knowledge. A case in point, a hospital project had hit a hurdle when the plumbers on site decided to disregard all coordination and install the pipes as they saw fit. Enravel advised the builder to keep the plumbing team off the site until the other services had completed their installation. Team Enravel worked on the project wherein they coordinated the building within 10 BIM coordination meetings and enabled stakeholders to get effective outcomes. Comprehensive knowledge of how a building site works gave team Enravel an added advantage to provide proactive advice to the client.

In another instance, the plant room of a pharmaceutical manufacturing building needed refurbishment and a minimized coordination time. The project was taken over by the multi-disciplinary team of Enravel comprising mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, fire, and BIM engineers, who dramatically completed the coordination within four meetings in a short period.

With years of experience in the Australian AEC industry and successfully addressing a plethora of challenges faced by its clients, Enravel now aims to expand further in the APAC region and eventually become a leader in the BIM landscape. “We aim to apply what we have learned in collaboration with our future partners throughout the Asia Pacific,” concludes Joy.
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Sydney, Australia

Trevor Joy, Director

Helps builders establish an effective BIM process through a strong emphasis on planning and communication for best results

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